Fruit & Nut Cookies


(Lu Vandegrift)
325o 20 minutes


1 cup crisco shortening

½ cup sugar

2 cups flour

2 pinches of salt

2 egg YOLKs – beaten  (save the whites in a mixer bowl)

2 cups walnuts – chopped

Jams of your choice (strawberry, raspberry, peach, blackberry, etc)
NOTE: You may need additional egg whites and chopped nuts.

In mixer, combine crisco, sugar, and yolks

Combine flour, and salt and mix into wet ingredients.  Mix well

In another mixing bowl, whip egg whites until fluffy. 

Chop walnuts and place into a bowl

Roll small balls and then roll the balls in the egg whites, then into the nuts

GREASE cookie sheet and place balls onto cookie sheet

Press a crater into the balls and fill with your favorite jam